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Classic Ikon 9-piece Knife Block Set

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WÜSTHOF Classic Ikon offers everything you would expect from a premium knife. This high-quality series is captivating with its perfect combination of design, craftsmanship and functionality. The distinctive double-bolster design delights with its perfectly balanced weight distribution, allowing for exceptional precision with every slice. Beyond their functional excellence, Classic Ikon knives are an individual statement, enabling you to showcase your own exquisite taste.

In this striking knife block made of black ash, your knives are always safely stored and ready at hand. The stylish base is made of brushed stainless steel, providing a modern aesthetic that stands out in any kitchen. The black handles of the knives form a stylish unit with the wooden block, giving the set a timeless elegance.  

This knife block set contains 1 slightly shorter Chef's Knife with an 18 cm blade, 5 additional high-quality knives for all preparation and plating tasks, 1 pair of Kitchen Scissors and a Sharpening Steel. It is ideal for food fans who enjoy working with a range of different blade shapes and who want to easily maintain the sharpness of the knife edges. The following items are included in the set:

  1. Paring Knife (9 cm)
  2. Serrated Utility Knife (14 cm)
  3. Precision Double-Serrated Bread Knife (23 cm)
  4. Santoku with hollow edge (17 cm)
  5. Utility Knife (16 cm)
  6. Chef’s Knife (18 cm)
  7. Sharpening Steel (26 cm)
  8. Kitchen Scissors (6 cm)


  • Blade length is specified in brackets.
  • To sharpen a serrated or double-serrated blade, please apply the sharpening steel only to the straight side of the blade and not to the side with the serrated edge.
  • Due to the natural condition of the wood, the colour and grain of the block may vary slightly.
  • Double-bolster design means that the knife has a second bolster at the end of the handle, in addition to the forged thickening of the steel between the handle and the blade.

Knife Block: black ash with stainless steel base

Dimensions (W x H x L) : 15.6 x 30.9 x 31.8 cm

Weight: approx. 3.92 kg

Minor deviations in the dimensions and weight are possible.