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Classic Kitchen Surfer Edition 5 - Chai Dao 14 cm | 5 inch

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... especially when preparation is so easy!

Slicing and sharing is really simple with the WÜSTHOF Kitchen Surfer! Check out our food blog, gather up your favourite ingredients on the table and off you go: mincing, chopping, dicing – you’re surfing through the kitchen and cooking up a storm for your friends.

A long all-rounder – robust and extremely sharp
For foodies with ambition.

The Chai Dao

The Chinese blade shape with a new look and in WÜSTHOF quality: the Chai Dao combines the shape of a Santoku with that of a Chinese chopping knife. However, it adopts not only the form, but also the functionalities of the two models. Thanks to the slightly curved shape of the blade, the Chai Dao is suitable for both cutting and chopping, especially for a fluid rock-chop. As this knife is particularly finely ground towards the cutting edge it should not be used for chopping bones; instead we recommend our European Cleaver or Butchers Knife.