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Performer Precision Double-Serrated Bread Knife 23 cm | 9 inch

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WÜSTHOF’s precise, double-serrated edge makes a clear difference with this bread knife: in contrast with a single-serrated edge, this knife has serrations within the serrations, meaning that it remains sharp for longer, requires less pressure and is suitable for very precise, smooth cuts. Bread with a hard crust is not crushed when sliced with this double-serrated blade, while bread with a soft crust is also sliced cleanly, without any tearing of the delicate surface. Diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating: the DLC-coated blade is the gold standard on the knife market. Thanks to the reduced friction, the blade glides effortlessly through both hard and soft clippings and is also resistant to external influences due to its extreme hardness. Hexagon Power Grip: the innovative, ergonomic handle with its offset non-slip honeycomb structure ensures ultimate control and is ideal for all working conditions.